Closing the distance

This is the name of the new Chinese and Chinese Australian artists’ exhibition which opens 2pm tomorrow at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre  exploring issues of migration, place and contemporary diaspora experience.  Both sets of my grandparents migrated here prior to and in times of the White Australia migration policy and my experience as a second-generation born Australian Chinese person has been very different from theirs.

Owen Leong Mothertongue 2016 image via Bundoora Homestead

Central to this exhibition is the exploration of contemporary migration and the movement of people, culture and history across local and global boundaries. Closing the Distance highlights how cultural differences are valuable in providing diverse viewpoints, but also how shared personal experiences and narratives can provide a means to bridge these differences. The artists featured are from across the world and include Kevin Chin, Pei Pei He, Pia Johnson, Lindy Lee, Owen Leong, Eugenia Lim, Chun-yu Liu, Jason Phu, Cyrus Tang, Guan Wei, Shen Wei and Louise Zhang. Curated by Sophia Cai.

Bundoora Nebula Residency image via Bundoora Homestead

The Bundoora Nebula Residency for artists also officially opens tomorrow afternoon at the same time – the Nebula being the revolutionary custom-built portable studio placed in the Homestead’s heritage garden allowing 8 different artists month-long residencies with two artists paired up for each month including one artist with a disability.

Image via The Fish

I hope you’ve survived the heat this week and if, like us, you haven’t felt like turning on a hot stove to cook – we did try the The Fish in Burgundy Street Heidelberg recently and really enjoyed being able to select the fresh fish on display and choose from a selection of salads (Greek, green, quinoa and coleslaw) which makes you feel like you’re being a bit healthier.  The fried calamari dish in particular is recommended – it was delicious!  I’ve noticed too, in passing, the nearby cafe The Trainyard, but not yet been there.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to have some new local profiles up soon on people from a number of local businesses – both online and in the real world.


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