Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince is my all time favourite superhero and I’m excited that she’s the main character in the latest movie being released next month.  It’s about time that we got to see a strong female protagonist in the lead role for a change instead of the usual all male line up.  I’d like my boys to know that women can also be heroes of the day.

Image via Clipart

My youngest loves a dress up at the best of times and he’s wanting us to go in character to Oz Comic-Con at the Melbourne Convention Centre in July where we can all unleash our inner geek.  Friends who’ve gone to the smaller Supanova at the Melbourne Showgrounds have warned me that Comic-Con is a very big day and event so possibly a bit overwhelming for younger children and freezing cold if you’re dressing up in something skimpy!  I’m not sure that I’m completely sold on the idea….

Image via Lentil as Anthing

Speaking of cold, I went out last week with my work mates for a meal at Lentil as Anything at the Abbotsford Convent where they’d chosen to sit outside!  Luckily I was running late and a female colleague had warned me to rug up as well as bring extra clothing and blankets for her and some other friends.  There was an outdoor heater but it was still pretty cold given it was less than 10 degrees.  Our friend who’d organised dinner is a mad hiker and camper but he may have been taking things a bit far given we all thought we were going to be inside.  Aahh… nothing like the great outdoors in Melbourne.  Needless to say I filled up on the green curry, green tea and sticky date pudding on offer, which were all delicious and cost me the grand total of $15 (plus a tip I left).  Have a good weekend!


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