Woof woof!

It’s going to be a dog of a year or rather, the Chinese Year of the Brown Earth Dog is pattering in this Friday and given dogs have a reputation for being honest and loyal, as well as trustworthy and reliable – I’m looking forward to the coming 12 months especially as we now have a dog of our own (although not so happy about the hole in my leather couch).IMG_3990

Locally you can celebrate with the Lunar New Year Festival this Friday night from 5.30 – 8.30pm outside WaterMarc in Greensborough.  From lion dance troupes to stilt walkers to ribbon and fan dancers to a fortune cookie giveaway – there’ll be lots to see and do.

Image via Greensborough Town Centre

My favourite yum cha restaurant, Golden Dragon Palace in Templestowe is also holding a number of special Chinese New Year banquet dinners this Thursday and Friday nights with two sittings at 5.30pm and 7.45pm.

Image via Golden Dragon Palace

Speaking of food, if you’re a fan of CERES and organic fruit, vegetables and other products, you can now order online at ceresfairfood.org.au and pick up from Jen and Olley in Rosanna between 5 and 8pm on Wednesday nights.

Image via Ceres Fair Food

CERES Fair Food is an online grocer and carbon neutral food delivery service in Melbourne helping to create healthier, happier and more secure local food systems.  It’s also a social enterprise that employs and trains a team of hard-working people who haven’t always had the easiest time finding a job. Certified organic food from local farmers and artisans delivered locally – I call that a win win for us lucky local residents in Rosanna and a big thanks to Jen and Olley for providing this service.


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