Local profile – Jonathon Cannizzaro

Or The Lazy Barber as he is also known.  It’s not often you meet a Scottish/Italian barber and it’s also a small world in that Jonathon and I are fellow school parents.  He’s had his business in St Helier Street for over a year now and I took my boys in for a cut not that long ago as two of my male work colleagues also get their hair cut there.  That whole part of leafy Heidelberg Heights is buzzing with Wellness Station opposite his shop and Sunnyside Cafe due to open soon.  Read more about Jonathon here…LRG_DSC00338

Name: Jonathon Cannizzaro

Occupation: Barber

Lives/Works: I’ve lived in Rosanna for eight years and worked in Heidelberg Heights for one year.LRG_DSC00744

Describe yourself/what you do: I started out in hairdressing in 2002 but felt very uninspired so took myself off to London, came back with a new lease on life and soon transitioned into barbering.  I did a lot of pop ups interstate and tattoo expos after learning from some of the best in the industry.  I soon had to settle down as my kids are in primary and high school.  So I thought, let’s open a shop close to home so I can be there for them.  I want to bring all that I’ve learned into one space.

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east: …is being amongst the local community, and collaborating with other local, and small business.  The area is booming with a great community and everything at your door step.

For more information:

Instagram: #valiantbarbers

Web: www.valiantbarbers.com.au

Facebook: Valiant Barbers





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