Leaning in, and stepping back

Lean In is the name of the book on female leadership by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, which I’ve not yet read but apparently she’s changed her tune slightly from when she wrote it in terms of women’s behaviour in the work force and I definitely think men are the other half of the equation.  There’s also Thrive by Arianna Huffington, the Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, another book on success and the need for sleep (which is one of my favourite past-times!).  It’s during our most rested state I believe that we are the most creative, when ideas and Eureka moments happen.  The quiet time is also what’s needed for proper planning and thinking and that’s where the value comes from in our lives, not the crazy running around and the doing.

Clay Health & Organics – Rathdowne St

I’ve been reminded about Arianna Huffington as my trainer Nikki Ellis from Cinch PT is following in her footsteps delivering a keynote presentation at a conference in San Diego later this year, of which Arianna was the headline speaker last year!  Needless to say, Nikki was already putting a lot of thought into her presentation when I last caught up with her and I need to get back into my training with her, when time permits.

Skinner & Hackett – Rathdowne St

I found myself in North Carlton over the weekend – a place I briefly lived in during my twenties and I still love the more relaxed feel of the suburb compared with Carlton itself.  Curtin Park is a lovely place to hang out and there are some interesting shops that have opened further down Rathdowne Street including Fledgling Espresso, Clay Health & Organics health food shop and fine meats retailer Skinner & Hackett, which specialises in ethically raised, organic and sustainably farmed meat and seafood – of particular interest to me after my recent lecture on veganism.  I loved the pressed metal counter and the meat slicer called Desdemona on display in the front window.

I hope you are enjoying the sunny days even if the mornings are a bit crisp!IMG_7306

Nb. Miss Rosanna is sponsored by Cinch PT

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