Local Profile – Ash Constance

Winter has hit and if you’re feeling a bit uninspired like me, then you’ll be glad to know about Ash Constance.  You may have seen the ‘Hot Yoga’ billboard if you drive along Rosanna Road as Ash is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs opening up shop at 86 St James Road in the local area.  I’ve talked about staying warm and staying active over the winter and I daresay one of Ash’s classes would fit the bill.  She also has a very inspiring life story and I’m glad she’s here.  Read on for more about Ash…


Name: Ash Constance

Occupation: Chiropractor, Yoga Studio Owner and International Yoga Specialist

Lives/works: Heidelberg

How long have you lived/worked here? 3 months


Describe yourself/what you do:
Ash Constance is a yoga specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic, completing a Master’s degree in Chiropractic science at RMIT university. In 2009 she completed a yoga training in Palm Springs USA, and received the ‘Best Yogini’ award in 2009. Ash also trained in Barre Yoga in Los Angeles in 2014, yin yoga, and completed her Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in 2016. She employs these modalities in her work as a body alignment, fascia and movement specialist. Ash has been an Ambassador for various health and fitness companies, including Lululemon, and is currently a 2018 Ambassador for Pilot Athletic.


Ash is passionate about working with like-minded people who share a similar approach to healthcare and vitality. Her vision is to inspire a global community, expanding and stretching the bodies and minds of the masses, stimulating the transformation of everyone to grow into the very best version of themselves.

Best thing(s) about working in Melbourne’s north-east: Amazing, supportive, lovely community!

For more information:

FB @hotyogastudios


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