Day tripping in Paros

Paros isn’t a big island and if you get the chance to hire a car (or quad bikes) it’s well worth it.  We did a couple of day trips around the island going clockwise to get a better idea of some of the more far-flung beaches and villages like Santa Maria beach, Piso Livadi (the name of which became the running joke of the holiday), Logaras beach all the way down south to Drios and the famous Golden beach – a spectacular stretch of beach which I found slightly soul-less for unknown reasons.  Alessandra and Phil made it all the way to Aliki beach, which we unfortunately missed with children who aren’t great travelling by car.


My favourite beach outside of Naoussa’s two fantastic beaches with turquoise waters Monastiri and Kolibithres (which can both be reached by 20 minute caique boat rides), was Logaras – a low-key blue flagged beach which also has trees as well as a beach bar, tavernas and restaurants near the port town of Piso Livadi.  Shade is a valuable commodity in Greece and while we’d bought an umbrella so that we didn’t always have to pay (most Greek beaches have paid umbrellas and sun lounges already set up unlike Australian beaches where there is generally only beach!) – the trees were a great spot to set up camp to stay for most of the afternoon.


It’s also worth a trip inland to the beautiful mountain town of Lefkes to have a walk around the old town (some of it derelict) where we had a delicious local meal at Lefkiano run by people who live there all year around which we found delightful.  They owners keep an eye on the older people in the village who are still living solo in their nineties and I can understand why it would be a blue zone – the food, the climate, the walking and the connection would all contribute to living well for longer.  Paros is famous for its marble and the Oneipa concept store and Yria ceramic store are worth visiting.  We met a studio artist who still hand makes and paints the beautiful gold religious Orthodox icons and carves Parian marble.


A trip to Antiparos to visit the underground cave (over 400 steps down and then back up) is also well worth it.  We got the short car ferry across from Paros on the western side of the island and spent the morning exploring the cave in awe looking at the stalactites and stalacmites.  Antiparos is a celebrity island where the likes of Tom Hanks, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen have visited as well as writers and artists from further back in time like Lord Byron and Truman Capote.  After our morning expedition, we were hungry and drove to Soros beach where the expensive beach bar and umbrella hire (25 euro!) put us off so we ventured back up to the local tavern we’d passed on the way Permataki which also ended up being one of the better local meals we had in terms of the food and service.  Their specialty was a home-made pie of which there was only one kind left by the time we ordered.


We drove to the next secluded cove on dirt road which wasn’t fantastic in a 7 seater but ended up having a relaxing swim and snorkel marred only by the arrival of two larger boats including a party boat with blaring music full of younger people who anchored so that passengers could have a dip in the water.  It spoilt the tranquility a little but they didn’t stay for long once everyone had had a swim and beaches are for everyone.


Our time in Paros was also incredible in different ways from walking until 10pm every night in Naoussa when the main square and surrounding laneways built to confuse pirates come alive (you can get night-time haircut or nail appointments) to the French tourists going crazy at outdoor cafes given the World Cup finals were on to the super stylish cafes like Sousoura and Foti’s, gelati from S.Cream or donut waffle cones and Greek donuts, the hanging octopus drying in the sun near the port to the Wedgwood blue (not the darker blue) of the church domes and the Greek flag flying everywhere.



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