Local profile – Brett Scapin

It’s Spring and wedding season is upon us so today’s local profile is timely.  It’s also a very small world in that Brett is my children’s former music teacher and while we miss him at school, Brett’s been on a different journey since taking a sabbatical to be a stay-at-home parent and modern man!  He’s clearly a talented creative professional who has segued into something related but different since taking time out and I wish him the best of luck on his new path.  Read on for more about Brett…


Name: Brett Scapin

Occupation: Wedding & Family Photographer, and stay-at-home dad.

Lives/works: Reservoir

How long have you lived/worked here?
I moved to Reservoir from Heidelberg 2 years ago. All of my boring admin-type work happens from home, but the fun part (with camera in hand) happens all over Melbourne.


Describe yourself/what you do:
I’m a wedding and family photographer. Regardless of whether I’m shooting a huge wedding, or a family just hanging out at home on the weekend, there’s always so much going on; a lot more than people on the inside probably notice. So when I’m shooting, I really like to stay out of the way so that events (good and bad) just unfold before me. I find that this way of working is also sympathetic to people who aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera. And that’s practically everyone!


I really fell into this work last year after my daughter Lucie was born. I took a year away from my job as a music teacher at a primary school to be home with her, and after one or two little weekend photography jobs, work just exploded and my ‘free time’ (what’s that?) vanished!


Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east:
The best thing about the work that I do is always the people I get to meet and shoot for, but that’s not to say the people of the north-east are better than people everywhere else!

I also love the proximity to so many different incredible locations. I never feel far from inner-city Melbourne, or the bushy outer suburbs. Definitely best of both worlds!

For more information:



Find your clever

It’s beautiful today and if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, Twilight tours have started at the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary including one this Wednesday night and you do need to book.  You can also do tours during the day as well as private tours. It’s also an interesting place to hold an outdoor birthday party if you’re more adventurous.  La Trobe is actually part of a major eco-corridor in the north-east and there’s been an Indigenous naming competition going on at the University the past few weeks.

Image via Banyule City Council

I was at Rosanna Library very briefly today and the Seniors Festival is currently on with an Engaging with Ageing art exhibition launching at Hatch Contemporary Art Space in Ivanhoe this Wednesday night.  As a young person, you don’t think about getting older but all of a sudden it happens and I have to say I’ve been very inspired by the many older people in my life who have remained very young at heart and youthful (but not immature) in their outlook.  Age is a state of mind and hopefully some hard-earned wisdom and experience accompanies ageing as we grow older.

Image via Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

It’s History Week as well next week and the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is holding a special program of events to celebrate as well as having recently launched seven different exhibitions last week including photographic exhibition The family mantle.

Image via La Trobe University

Finally, for those of you who are contemplating any form of post-graduate study, La Trobe University is holding its inaugural PG Expo at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus next Tuesday 9 October including keynote speaker Todd Sampson (pictured above) as part of the evening program.  I’ve attended a number of Masters information sessions in recent years and while I still haven’t quite landed on my course of choice, education is the key to a better life and I’m not sure if you can ever put a dollar value on that.

I’ll be back later this week with a new local profile on someone quite fitting for Spring.