To Sisto with love

Like many Melburnians, I was shocked late Saturday night to find out that it was Sisto Malaspina from Pellegrini’s Cafe in Bourke Street who was fatally stabbed last Friday by a mentally unwell person.

True story* Mr Rosanna and I actually first met at Pellegrini’s and were regulars there for a time when we both lived and worked inner-city.  Sisto would always greet us from behind the bar with a big smile on his face and we would order coffees with their signature pastry or have the pasta or minestrone soup made by the mamas who worked out the back.  We went back there on our wedding day to have photos taken inside the cafe (below) and outside the front of the Melbourne icon that is Pellegrini’s – a 1950s style cafe that was one of the first places to bring European cafe culture to Melbourne and one that hasn’t changed in all that time.



I remember one day taking my very beautiful, blue-eyed fair-skinned Italian Australian friend Daniela there and Sisto making some kind of comment under his breath about her appearance when we sat down at the bar not realising she was fluent in Italian and the look on his face when she said something in response.

The fact that Sisto died in his inimitable warm and friendly style – trying to help someone – makes his story all the more heart-breaking.  Melbourne will never be the same without you Sisto.  A light has gone out and there is a new star in the sky.



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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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