The power of friendship

It’s one of the things people regret in later life; the fact that they let close friendships fade away.  I’ve had a milestone reunion weekend away with my University friends (with months spent in the planning) down on the Mornington Peninsula and it’s left me feeling very sentimental.  I’m lucky enough to still see my best friends from primary school and high school however my Uni friends and I are now scattered around Melbourne, Australia and indeed the world with three of them living in Japan, London and Switzerland.  One of my friends flew in from Geneva (and gave us all these beautiful Lucy Folk friendship bands pictured below) to make the event with a raucous Friday night at the beach house spent eating, talking and laughing, a lazy morning spent bathing at the sprawling Peninsula Hot Springs (now owned by an Indian family and three times its original size), lunch at St Andrews Beach Brewery, speeches and photos back at the house followed by more reminiscing and playing Cards against Humanity (and watching the State Election) on Saturday night before packing up and leaving on Sunday after a morning beach walk.

My friends with our Lucy Folk friendship bands

It was like going back into a time warp for me with photos and videos from our heady days as first, second and third year PR students at RMIT before the onslaught of social media and the internet.  Now looking back on those times (we wore a lot of chokers, dark lipstick and baggy jeans in the 1990s!) makes me realise they were golden years when careers, travel, serious relationships and children all still lay ahead.  Cut to 2018 and it’s a different story – we’re older, wiser and more well travelled but a little bit more vulnerable with the ravages of time taking a toll on some of our health and personal relationships.  Not for all of us but definitely for some of us and I keep thinking how much the choices you make early in life in terms of your friends and life partner come to define you later on as well as the course your life ends up taking for better or worse.

Front entrance – St Andrews Beach Brewery

Friendships with people who’ve known you for a long time and with whom you share a long history and whose values reflect your own (because believe me your choice of friends absolutely reflects who you are) and friends who’ve been there when the going gets tough are like diamonds.  It’s only now that I realise the power of enduring friendship which has seen me through the peaks and valleys of life including some of the darker years before I met Mr Rosanna.  It’s also really important not to let those friendships go when you do meet the right person as we still need other people in our life besides a partner, if you’re lucky enough to have one.  It may get harder to stay in touch but the sense of connection, community, love and acceptance that comes from true friendship is priceless. Diamonds are forever…




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