Fantastic Mr Fox

Wild foxes lives in the local area and I’ve seen a number at dusk and late night when driving around. However, I’d never seen one during the day up until a few weeks ago which we caught on camera (below). Our neighbours keep free-range chickens and while it’s a lovely idea, when you don’t live on a farm with cattle dogs and other animals to keep predators at bay, they can attract rats, mice, snakes and yes, a pretty hungry looking fox in our case.


Mr Fox waited until our dog was inside and then leapt over another neighbour’s fence before making its way across our back yard then scaling the fence to next door in a blink of an eye. My youngest caught sight of its big bushy tail and I only got there just in time, I think, to bring one lucky chicken to the safety of its coop at around 10am in the morning!

Speaking of farmers and food, the self-sustaining Melbourne Food Hub opens at the Alphington Farmers Market tomorrow while the Darebin Homemade Food and Wine Festival started today – the first official day of Winter as much as most of this week has already felt like it with snow already on the mountains.

I’ve also been doing online grocery shopping for a while now given I’m so time poor and just wanted to mention Your Grocer who have taken over from Aussie Farmers Direct. I gave them a trial not so long ago and while it’s a bit more pricey – the quality is higher than your average supermarket plus it’s all sourced locally. They also provide food in fruit and vegetable cardboard boxes and transportable branded Your Grocer ‘eskies’ which are returned the following week so a lot nicer and more sustainable than plastic bags. I’m starting to get hungry…



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