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Universities are dynamic places and the campus has been buzzing this week with the start of semester 2. While I studied briefly at the University of Melbourne and then RMIT, I’ve now spent more time working at La Trobe University. It’s been an interesting place to work – incredibly diverse and progressive with exciting plans ahead to create a University City of the Future with La Trobe as a place to live, learn, work, socialise and stay healthy. Before coming here, I didn’t realise how strong La Trobe’s research credentials were with many of our best and brightest academics involved in solving the greatest challenges of our time. It is inspiring as well as being a great privilege to be in this environment on a daily basis and needless to say my brain still hurts most days given I’m generally not the smartest person in the room.

Image via La Trobe University

It’s Open Day tomorrow at the Bundoora campus and if you live in the north, La Trobe should be an option whether you’re looking to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It’s events month at the University with Open Days at our regional campuses too as well as a special event next Friday – the conferral of an honorary degree to Bollywood film star and philanthropist Shah Rukh Khan. Who? I hear you say but apparently, he’s a bigger star than Tom Cruise in the Indian film world and thousands of people are expected to visit La Trobe’s Live Site on our academic lawn just to catch a glimpse of him while he’s at La Trobe next Friday. It will be all hands on deck facilitating the crowd internally and externally as much as the weather outlook is looking pretty dismal at the moment.

Shah Rukh Khan image via La Trobe University

It’s been a big start to the school term for our family and I’m glad there’s only 4 weeks of winter to go. I went for a walk today and was happy to see the wattle and blossom beginning to appear on the trees knowing that Spring is on its way despite the cold. Winter is an introspective time and while I’m no fan of the darker months, it has given me pause for thought to reflect on the past 6 months and look ahead to the second half of this year. I will continue to be busy professionally and working closely on employability initiatives has made me realise just how important work (voluntary or paid), and having a job, is for all people for all sorts of reasons. Personally, the second half of this year is a blank canvas for us and already starting to seem very interesting. Curiouser and curiouser in the words of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Exciting times…






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