Photographer Bill Henson and the Australian Chamber have once again collaborated for this multi-sensory concert experience that is being held at Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre on Sunday and Monday. The name has captured my imagination as well as the beauty of Henson’s work which I first saw at Tolarno Galleries with Mr Rosanna while we were dating many years ago.


The sun, the moon, the stars and the sky have long fascinated many people, not just me, and there is an out of town exhibition The Moon currently showing at Geelong Gallery which also celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the first moon landing by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. If you’ve seen the delightful children’s movie Hugo, you’ll also recognise the above image (via Geelong Gallery). My ruling planet is the moon, if you are into astrology, and I have always been a creature of the night more than the daytime although having children has definitely put a stymie on things.

Image via White Night Melbourne

While we’re currently in the depths of winter (I’m feeling it particularly today!), there is a White Night Feast being held on 22 August at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton as part of White Night Melbourne Reimagined 2019. I had a Christmas in July three course-meal of pumpkin soup, roast pork and Christmas pudding at The Old England Hotel in Heidelberg the other week and while it wasn’t as fancy, it sure did cheer me up so I’m sure roasted chestnuts, hot fondue and spiced wine will cure all sorts of winter sadness.

Speaking of non-fancy food, I’m looking forward to checking out the Heidelburger Bar in Heidelberg sometime soon – the writer in my loves the cute name and the foodie in me loves…well…eating hamburgers.


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