Soul Kitchen

It’s the name of the charity food service for individuals and families at risk or experiencing homelessness that’s now been launched in Preston (following Braybrook) by social enterprise 300 Blankets. I was in the city today for yum cha with my family and it’s quite heartbreaking to walk down some of our major CBD streets and see homeless people sleeping rough on the street, many of whom have now been pushed out to the suburbs. They are looking for volunteers on Sundays nights if you are interested in helping out, even if it’s occasionally not regularly. Winter is not yet over and it’s still pretty cold in Spring and if you have a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in, then count yourself lucky.

Image via Micky In The Van

I went for a run this afternoon and noticed all the bright yellow wattle on the trees and I am very happy to be farewelling Winter this week. I did want to do a shout out for former local fashionista Estelle Michaelides of Micky In The Van who has a new studio just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy which will be open to the public every Saturday. She’ll also be holding fashion and floral illustration workshops there if you’re interested in the art of fashion illustration in watercolour. I still have one of her hand illustrated limited edition candle holders on my dressing table, which is a much cherished item. I’ve done a fashion illustration workshop before with some creative friends and family and can highly recommend it.

The only thing of course with Spring on our doorstep is that my nose has started running…better stock up on the hay fever medication!


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