Dance like nobody is watching

Well while we may all be trying to live like it’s heaven on earth, I know it’s not exactly been fun times for most of us. My heart is broken for many people who have lost their jobs or had to watch the businesses they’ve built from scratch lose customers overnight. These are trying times and a test of our resilience. Stay strong wherever you are in the journey.


My friend Dani Ahimastos, Economic Development Officer at Banyule Business has put me on to The Fitness Marshall on YouTube for a bit of hip hop action and there’s nothing like a boogie to get you going if you’re feeling down. Speaking of which, the online Leaps and Bounds Music Festival is currently on and the Friday night Bandroom Boogie Series sessions at the Corner Hotel have already started.


It’s been a long wait for live music venues and nightclubs to re-open and I have signed the Save our Scene petition to help keep the music going in Melbourne. One of my all-time favourite bands from my misspent youth is Soul II Soul who were meant to be touring next month. I spent many a night at a club dancing to some of their biggest hits and they have postponed their tour until December in Melbourne shifting their venue from the Palais Theatre in St Kilda to Festival Hall in the city.


Many of you will have seen actor Meyne Wyatt’s powerful monologue on racism on the ABC this week and many people have called racism the virus which tears people and countries apart. The pandemic has brought many things to bear including young people and women being disproportionately affected and the issue of racism towards Asians and Indigenous people. La Trobe’s upcoming online public lectures explore both themes. My events colleagues are holding the Bold Thinking Series: Gender Equality and COVID-19 this Wednesday at 5pm while there will be an Ideas and Society lecture on Asians in Australia on 8 July and I’ll be tuning in to both.

It’s been turbulent times at the University with the higher education sector stuck in the middle of political and economic to-ing and fro-ing between the Australian and Chinese governments. It’s been disheartening and I am hoping some preparedness to make concessions, greater diplomacy and innovative solutions that benefit both countries might help shift the focus.


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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