Once in a blue moon

We’ve kicked over into the last quarter of the year and October is an unusual month. It started with a full moon and and will finish with another full (blue) moon on Halloween. An interesting month too given local council elections and an upcoming US election now impacted by the current President of the United States being struck down by COVID-19. Interesting times indeed! I’m not sure if you gazed at the stars during the week and saw Mars lit up by the moon in the night sky (below) but it can give us some perspective that despite this strange and uncertain time, the earth still travels around the sun every day and life goes on eternal.

It has been gruelling in Melbourne and some people are clearly over lockdown and abiding by the rules. We just need to hang on for a couple more weeks…for those of us with older kids, we hope to hear when they are returning to in-person classes after most of this year spent remote learning. It’s been hard for all students big and small and I’ve been working with the Graduations team these past few weeks as we work out what to do for 2020 graduating cohorts who want to wear the hat, collect their certificate and have that mantlepiece photo of the occasion with their family and friends. It is a rite of passage and while there’s no escaping a virtual component, we are looking at innovative ways they may be able to still celebrate.

Officer House 55 Outlook Drive Eaglemont images via realestate.com.au

I’ve had close dealings with a couple of completing students this year and it’s been interesting for me to hear their take on things and understand the unique challenges they face on finishing university in 2020. It is something that weighs on my mind and it’s been quite heartbreaking to hear of instances in online lectures where students have been breaking down and crying.

After a delayed start, the spring real estate market is open albeit operating differently with private inspections only and online auctions. This beautiful house at 55 Outlook Drive in Eaglemont has caught my eye – one of three Arts and Crafts-era homes in the area designed by Harold Desbrowe-Annear at the start of last century. May it go to a lover of period homes and architecture (that wood panelling and library!).


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