Sorrow and Bliss

It’s the name of the new book by Meg Mason I had started reading but not got far into since beginning my new job 4 weeks ago. I do want to cut myself some slack though as I realised last week that in that time I’ve written the ANZOG alumni strategy, operational plan, an Alumni Advisory Council presentation pack and my own performance plan so I’ve been a bit tired!

Image via Harper Collins

Hopefully once the plan is confirmed as such – the execution will be easier if the groundwork has all been done. Work notwithstanding, I feel like Sorrow and Bliss’s title is reflected in the state of the world at the moment with such terrible scenes coming out of India and yet things in Australia being relatively normal (minus Perth). While I feel our government had no choice but to close our borders as a short-term measure to protect our largely unvaccinated population, I hope we can open them as soon as it is safe to do so given the 14,000 people wanting to come home. As an Australian, I think we all have a right to be able to return to our home country.

Image via Shaping Banyule

Before Mason’s book, I had sped read a number of Jane Harper’s books on my kindle which has reminded me that Rosanna library (where I renewed my online membership during last year’s lockdown) is now scheduled for re-development (in partnership with Woolworths). While the marriage between public and private sector is becoming increasingly common especially for large scale development and infrastructure – I’ve only recently become aware that public consultation is now (May and June) if you have any concerns.

If you’re an aspiring writer, I also wanted to wish Blaise, Les and the team at Busybird Publishing a happy 8th birthday and while their June writing retreat has sold out, I believe they are running another session in October – it would be a good opportunity to do something creative over winter. Then again, you may feel like doing nothing at all – this New York Times article on ‘languishing’ caught my eye during the week. I’m going to try to exercise and socialise as my winter mantra whether I feel like it or not. I’ve kept up a number of outdoor walkie talkies this year with my friends and work colleagues – walking is good for you in so many ways.

Mother’s Day is upon us next week but to be honest, while it’s nice to support local retailers who produce or sell more sustainable fare, I’m pretty happy just to have a home cooked meal and some afternoon tea with my immediate and extended family and spend some quality time together and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Here’s to luxuriating (not languishing) in simple pleasures this year!


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