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They’re Melbourne football club great Neale Daniher’s fighting words from the game and from life as he has so valiantly dealt with MND since leaving the world of AFL. He has been recognised with a Queen’s Birthday honour this weekend and it’s been great to see more women recognised as well as many other unsung heroes. We have no choice at the moment but to play on and keep going.

It’s been a hard week to be in Melbourne despite coming out of our fourth lockdown- it has taken its mental toll on the strongest of us with its cumulative effect and I hope you have taken it easy this weekend spending time outdoors or dining indoors and supporting local businesses. My plans for an extended family dinner party went out the door, as may end up my upcoming plans for a birthday celebration of some kind. In the end, all that matters is that we are safe and my first world problems are not the end of the world. I’ve joked to Mr Rosanna that we might have a joint party together in the summer of next year instead although I am feeling for friends and family who’ve booked holidays in Queensland and hope to go once term 2 ends. My fingers are crossed!

It may be safer to go regional and I’ve also heard the snowfields are looking good this year if you’re feeling up to it. We’re yet to take our kids skiing given it’s not an inexpensive sport – friends have taken advantage of buying ski clothes from Aldi and a number of retailers also sell ex-rental and second hand kids snow gear if you need to keep costs down.

I’ve heard retail sales are actually up this weekend with the 25km rule and no house visitors still in place. I’ve indulged in some retail therapy buying some coloured pots from Plantsmith in Preston filling them with succulents being sold in one of my neighbouring streets (pictured below), which has made me happy. I’ve also fallen in love with these whimsical limited edition prints (above) from Annie Davidson, which have captured my imagination.

My win this weekend was rocking up to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton yesterday for a walk-in Pfizer jab after hearing from a friend it had been quiet on Saturday. There was no queue outside but the process inside took a good 90 minutes not including the 15 minute observation time after vaccination. It was very peaceful staring up at the angels painted on the ceiling of the world heritage listed building where our fellow Melburnians quarantined 100 years ago during the Spanish flu. Being the small world that it is, my uni friend Kato turned up in the queue just ahead of me and recognised me even with our masks on and I ended up making friends too with the random female stranger in front of me only to discover we had a mutual friend in common. Six degrees of separation…

I barely felt the Pfizer shot going in (unlike the flu shot) but I did have some pain at the site a couple of hours later when the full force hit – it feels like being punched in the arm so I took panadol last night to sleep. I went for a run yesterday and walk this morning and feel fine but Kato said she’s felt nauseous (despite being active too), which is a more unusual symptom. Side effects aside, I feel very lucky to have been able to get vaccinated. My besties and I went for a walk today however our plans to meet for a takeaway coffee at Matilda cafe in Mont Albert were thwarted when we discovered it was closed however there is always a next time – for everything. While Melbourne is no longer Australia’s most liveable city (congratulations Adelaide!), I have no doubt we will bounce back in time. This article about the great north and south divide here made me laugh – I think I will always be a northsider through and through! Stay strong Melbourne – our time in the sun will come again.


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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