While the Danish have hygge – or comfort and cosiness – the Finnish have sisu – a concept meaning strength and perseverance even in the bitter depths of winter. Given many Victorians are still without power in some parts of the state, I am thinking of them today and hope the sun may have lifted their spirits. Make the most of your vitamin D today as tomorrow is the winter solstice in Melbourne where we’ll have the least amount of daylight. I’ve been enjoying spending time in my garden noticing the small things like colour changes in my plants.

Some of our friends have fled to the regions this weekend and lucky them to have got away – I feel like it’s been eat sleep repeat for a while now in terms of life and lockdowns. Keeping up social connections over the winter is really important as much as you might feel like hibernating instead when the weather turns cold, as it is going to get later this week.

While I’ve been doing a lot of home cooking like most of us, I have noticed a number of new places open locally including franchise Hecho en Mexico in Heidelberg. Mexican Taco in Rosanna has been open for a while now and I’ve heard good things about La Pinta in Reservoir if you like Spanish food. In Ivanhoe East, Lucille Bistro has opened as well as the upmarket looking Vinoshi’s Beverage Shop.

I seem to have become my team lunch venue organiser too so Ima Project Cafe and Lagoon Dining are both on my radar in Carlton in terms of Asian cuisine while Korean dining experience Chae in Brunswick has also captured my attention open to groups of six people only and similar to Greasy Zoe’s in Hurstbridge that seats only eight people.

Grit can often separate those who achieve success through perseverance over those who give up. This Ted talk by Angela Lee Duckworth has done the rounds but if you haven’t seen it before – it’s an interesting one on the power and passion of perseverance.


Author: missrosannablog

I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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