Ooh yeah – guilty as charged and I did have a laugh at Sydney Morning Herald writer Richard Glover’s A-Z guide on COVID lingo. I hit the wall last week feeling not only exhausted by all things COVID but had also come down with an intermittent sore throat so went off to get my first COVID test. Needless to say I was negative but I can recommend the La Trobe University drive-through test site at carpark 7 off the ring road in Bundoora as a quieter, greener and more picturesque setting than the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital carpark off Bell Street if you need to get a test.

Flower from my friend Mel’s garden

I came home through the back streets of Rosanna and saw people milling outside to get coffee from gluten-free cafe Davies St. Food Co. which has been there for a little while. With warm weather over the weekend, it was lovely to spend time in the garden and I’ve been reading about biophilic design – our natural tendency to want to be connected to nature and the natural environment which sounds like a no brainer but been so important during this time of a global pandemic. I think all residential and commercial dwellings should have green spaces incorporated in them but this sometimes doesn’t happen due to poor planning and other reasons.

Liberty hankies from Blackbird & Fox

Speaking of green spaces, it was concerning seeing some people out in nearby parkland not masked up or socially distancing and while I can understand they’re over it – the pandemic is not over and this has come at the worst time as our country tries to reign in the Delta variant to a manageable level and speed up, as well as open up, vaccinations to the vast majority of Australians who want the jab in order to live with more freedom. All I can say given the lockdown extension and curfew announcements today in Melbourne is to make sure you continue to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing – it’s been a long, hard road and many of us are feeling worn down and worn out by the prolonged uncertainty.

Lack of Colour retro floral bucket hat

The beautiful spring flowers that are blossoming have lifted my spirits and if you’re outside in the sun (or have started sneezing!) you might take some pleasure from these Liberty of London floral fabric hankies sold at Blackbird & Fox or this retro floral bucket hat by Australian label Lack of Colour. My friend Mel sent our WhatsApp group a flower photo (top pic above) from her garden and it’s been therapeutic to not only be outdoors but also stay connected with our friends over this difficult time. My August-born girlfriends have jokingly said they’re happy to stay a year younger given we’ve not been able to celebrate their birthdays face-to-face and I’ll drink to that.


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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