Banyule Modern

It was a beautiful balmy night last night for Twilight Sounds at Heidelberg Park Oval – we can usually hear the music from our house but I think the stage may have shifted location this year. I hope you enjoyed it if you went!

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This modernist house at 56 Buckingham Drive in Heidelberg has caught my eye and while it may not have views, I love the design integrity (and the pool!) and the fact that it backs onto the Banyule Flats. It will be close to the proposed North East Link but if it stays underground as is currently planned then hopefully the impacts will be minimal. The flats have long been a source of inspiration to artists including The Heidelberg School and associated artists trail that you can walk, run or cycle.

My friend local interior designer Renae Barrass is a lover of all things mid-century modern including the name of the blog she used to write and which I’ve appropriated for my post today. Hello Renae if you’re reading this.

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow but if you’re on your own please take heart. Most loved up couples I know don’t celebrate it and I now have friends who have separated from their longterm partners both before this pandemic and during. It’s interesting to read about governments in Japan and Britain who’ve created Minister for Loneliness roles there as so many people now live on their own. I think social connectedness and a sense of community are incredibly important no matter where you are in the world.

Image credit: Arthur C. Brooks

Mr Rosanna sent me this interesting Atlantic article How to want less written by Harvard University Professor and social scientist Arthur C. Brooks who has just released his new book From Strength to Strength. In many ways, we are all starting over again this year and it can feel overwhelming as an older person, particularly if you’ve previously defined yourself as a partner within a relationship. I am the child of divorce and while it’s never easy, it’s something that has shaped who I am and I think it’s far better to be on your own than to stay with someone who doesn’t make you happy. Many people never find the right partner in life and some people also sadly lose partners along the way – life does go on and it’s important to live the best life you can whether you are partnered up or not.

Full Moon Design Co Heart kit image credit: The Finders Keepers

There’s a full moon this week and for some self-love – these handmade gifts from Full Moon Design Co (above) have caught my eye as well as these Goddess Threads (below) from Tasmanian designer Emily Eliza Arlotte who I discovered on my recent trip to Hobart. I think I will always be a bit of a hippie at heart. Wishing you love not just for tomorrow but the rest of this year – the year has only just begun and anything is possible.

Image credit: Emily Eliza Arlotte

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