Embrace the chaos

It is an interesting time especially too in the midst of a Federal election. While most of us have hit the play button once again after putting so much of our lives on hold, COVID-19 is ever present in the background. The numbers are still pretty high and I once again am thinking of those who work in our hospitals and aged care centres along with our ambulance, police and triple zero call centres and GPs.

High Street Thornbury

I know people who still haven’t contracted the virus but equally my office at the moment is like a war zone – we were already short staffed but my colleagues have been going down like flies and all of us are feeling the workload as we try to navigate our way through. It is a day by day proposition but I also think things could be much worse. I’ve started to have long awaited catch ups and other events with friends and family and don’t take those for granted.

Art Deco chrome table – Nostalgia Antiques

I’ve accepted this will be just the way life is for the moment and incremental changes will happen in time. It’s the same at home having moved into a new house. While we’ve unpacked most of our belongings, we now have painting being done so half my house is functional and the other half, including my kitchen, is covered in plastic with the rest of my stuff who know where! I admire people who stay at home while doing bigger renovations – it’s bit like camping for months and even years on end but I know we’re lucky to have a home.

My (mid life crisis) helix piecing

Mr Rosanna and I have been fans of the Heidelberg Good Karma Network and Facebook Marketplace for getting rid of, as well as buying, pre-loved items for our house. We organised a hard rubbish collection before we moved, but between the local community and posting goods on the HBG Network page – there wasn’t that much to collect in the end.

Since moving in, we’ve bought a couple of Art Deco pieces to house Mr R’s vinyl records and my elephant collection and are currently on the hunt for a new (old) couch for our formal lounge. We still visit antique stores in real life so found ourselves at Nostalgia Antiques in the very hip and happening High Street in Thornbury on Saturday. We’d love some Art Deco lighting but will need to save up and love a lot of the lights available from Prism Lighting.

Call it my mid-life crisis but my bestie Jules and I discovered a while ago we both wanted a helix ear piercing. So with that in mind, her early birthday gift to me this year was exactly that experience at Sarah and Sebastian Melbourne in the Piercing Lab where we both had our piercings done together. It’s $80 for the piercing with the greatest expense being the earrings themselves – all of which are handmade here in Australia.

It will be another three months before the healing process ends and there is paperwork to complete if you decide you want something similar (and you must be over 16 years old). The whole experience was fun (but probably not so much if you don’t like needles!). Speaking of which, the experts are predicting a strong flu season this year so I’m booked in for my flu vax this week and my family are already done.


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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