No money no fun

Ain’t that the truth. After moving house over three months ago, the fun has come to an end now that heating, painting, flooring, cabinetry, carpeting and lighting have all been done. We had tightened our belts anyway with taking out a new mortgage but had allowed a bit extra to do those cosmetic things. We still have some further cabinetry, cornicing and window treatments to go but our house looks a lot better than it did with its different coloured walls, floors and velvet curtains! I take off my hat to serial renovators or those of you who’ve done large scale structural renovations or new builds.

High tea tiered platter – The Hotel Windsor

Money of course is on a lot people’s minds with rising interest rates, inflation and the cost of living let alone building or renovating which has been a fraught exercise for many people. We have friends who’ve been lucky to have been on a fixed contract with their builder so will actually have their house finished at Christmas (a year later than originally planned) while others who’ve delayed renovating due to prices for everything being so crazy. I feel for people seeking to work in regional locations who can’t even find a house to rent and I was very sad to see the homeless man begging outside the front of the Ivanhoe Woolworths supermarket this weekend – it’s very confronting when it hits so close to home.

While you can give people money, it’s trying to ensure they don’t end up in those circumstances in the first place that’s more important and teaching them job and life skills, which I know is easier said than done. Working in higher education meets public sector these past 18 months for me has highlighted the responsibility that lies with leaders to deliver public value for the common good. Most ANZSOG students and alumni I’ve come across are incredibly earnest and greatly believe in what they are doing – it is almost vocational for them as I’ve previously mentioned and I admire their passion. I’m not sure I could ever do what they do – especially at the highest levels.

Work itself has been very hard – my team has been spread very thin and as much as cavalry is finally on its way in terms of a new staff member starting this week- we’ve been one down since last November and it’s taken its toll. We’re not the only team or organisation where this has happened with the current skills shortage but it’s made life very challenging juggling multiple balls and trying to keep things moving forward. I am very much looking forward to Spring and it’s tantalisingly close.

With belt tightening budget-wise, holidays are on hold and we are doing more entertaining at home, which isn’t a hardship. I’ve been relishing the less frequent dinners and events out given they’re now more for special occasions only. It made catching up with my uni friends last weekend in the private dining room at The Windsor for high tea feel all the more special and I can greatly recommend it. I’ve got different catch ups with my closest friends and family on every weekend for the rest of August so that’s the one good thing about getting through this winter. While it’s felt like a long winter – the end is now in sight.


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