Balance, connect and revive

These are the Dulux colour forecast 2023 themes about reconnecting to nature, a desire for balance and calm and reviving our spirits with joy and play. They are speaking to me at the moment – I’ve long been someone who has valued balance which is what the word ‘yoga’ (meaning ‘union’) is all about – what you do on one side is repeated on the other and I enjoy the calm mental state it leaves me in especially after the torrid times of the past two years.

Image: Dulux ‘Revive

Connecting with nature is important for mental health – so important that the Swedish have incorporated this into their healthcare system and the Japanese concept of Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is along similar lines. Locally, Banyule has started a series of guided forest therapy walks as part of the Spring Outdoors festival 2022. The Northern Trails survey also closes tomorrow and you may wish to have your say.

Term 3 school holidays have begun and I am grateful for the additional National Day of Mourning public holiday for the Queen. It is an interesting time as I wrote about in my last post and this confusing time between what we once were and what we may become has been highlighted by Daisy Pearce’s call on what version of our nation’s history you give voice to. Voice and co-governance are very much in the spotlight at the moment and reflective of the time we are now in.

But moving on to lighter topics, with such dreary and wet Spring weather, I’m enjoying moments of colour. I had my besties over for a potluck dinner at my place last night and cheated by buying a sushi platter from Issho in East Ivanhoe and a 1.5 litre pack of 4 x different flavours from Boca Gelato. You can order some pretty amazing gelato cakes from Boca (check out the Bubblegum Dream!) and their Passion Bomb and The Neo are both on my radar. A tip too: try Bocaccio Cellars Supa IGA in Balwyn for high end ready made meals.

Some of my friends and family are lucky enough to be up north or going up north and I do love Lucy Folk’s colourful sarongs – a real indulgence if you have the budget. If you have a thing for mushrooms, you can buy decorative glass ones at Bulleen Art and Garden while I do love these handpainted wooden mushrooms from Paper Hands (pictured above) and have had a thing for Amanda Dzeidzic’s yumemiro. I’ve been thrilled to find out she has a joint contemporary glass studio, Hothaus, right here (pictured below) in Heidelberg West.

Image: Hothaus Glass Studio – Heidelberg West

Lucky you if you’re taking a break over these school holidays – my Director has fled the country and I’m in the hot seat until she gets back. Enjoy this (short) week!


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