Wet wet wet

Echuca has been a place I’ve associated with the Riverboats Music Festival not floods and only somewhere I’ve previously visited for work many years ago for a Heinz product launch by the acting Premier (who choppered in from Melbourne) when I was still working in PR. I have my fingers crossed for the folks up north that they stay dry given the big wet enveloping and inundating so many.

We launched our First Nations Conference 2023 (taking place in Brisbane from 1 – 3 March next year) last week and it was all hands on deck in our team at ANZSOG. There will also be a virtual element to it for those who can’t travel to the in-person event which will be very exciting when it happens next year.

I’ve worked pretty hard the past six months and been dreaming of a getaway. While I may not be able to afford to travel, it’s not stopped me romanticising about more glamorous destinations in the sun and I think travel therapy is something we all benefit from. Australian lifestyle brand Saarde’s Amalfi-inspired lounge wear (above) has captured my imagination given the wet Spring. Living la dolce vita!

Given our current weather, life looks more more like NZ umbrella brand Blunt‘s images above and I love these rubber sandals (below) by Australian shoe brand Bared although gum boots may be more practical at the moment. After buying a series of cheap umbrellas that subsequently broke, my Blunt umbrella still works beautifully since I bought it a few years ago, so better to buy once and buy well if you can afford it.

It is a hard slog until the end of the year so I’m thinking of you if you’re in the same boat as me. I haven’t yet started my Christmas shopping but it’s a good idea if you haven’t already turned your mind to it – it will be gift vouchers this year for my children, nieces and nephews who are all now of a certain age and once Spring Racing Carnival is over we will all start counting down.

I missed posting about the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022 and Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2022, which both finished yesterday but my highlight this past weekend – besides celebrating my mum’s milestone birthday from last year – was seeing Tame Impala perform at their sold out concert on Saturday night at Rod Laver arena. Mr Rosanna and I were up on our feet by the second song and stayed dancing until the very end including their encore.

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on stage

The concert was delayed from 2020, re-scheduled to 2021 and then again to now and it was a pretty rapturous (and patient!) audience who were offered a real treat in terms of tripping the light and sound fantastic. It might have been a slow rush but it was well worth the long wait (and mesmerising performance) for live music fans in a truly atmospheric stadium environment.


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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