Life is Beautiful

It’s been a big year. As much as we haven’t been locked down this year, in many ways it’s felt harder dealing with the fall out from the previous two pandemic years. I have people close to me who are dealing with mental health issues or have children who are and it’s a long road back to wellbeing for some of us. Life isn’t always easy or fair and I’ve shed a few tears this week thinking of the two young and brave police constables who lost their lives up in Queensland simply doing their job.

I watched the Italian film Life is Beautiful a number of years ago now, which is set during World War II. Its messages of the power of will, humour and imagination in the darkest of times and circumstances is incredibly life-affirming. Life does go on for those of us here and it’s important to remember life is to be lived in all of its dimensions. Sometimes it takes travelling through the bad times (and there is always a way through) to know the good.

While I haven’t had a lot of time to reflect this year, I will say it’s important to put yourself in the driver’s seat instead of simply being a passenger and watching (your) life go by. If you want things to be different, it’s up to you to take control and to do things differently – the main point being the word ‘do’ and taking action rather than simply talking about it. We are all the sum of our decisions and we are all responsible for our own happiness – when you look for happiness outside yourself – you give away your own power as a person. Validation comes from within not without and happiness is not about a prescribed set of circumstances but is a state of mind.

I’ve been on a different path since moving from Brunswick to Banyule over 10 years ago now starting with my Green Eyed Monster eco-fashion journey to life now in higher education at ANZSOG. Who knows where the adventure will end but it’s definitely been good to enjoy the ride! I have a vintage typewriter here at home and a little angel card on it that reads ‘write your own story’. That’s the thing about our stories, no-one else will write them for us but us – we are all the authors of our own lives and the curators of our own content.

Tomorrow is around the corner and I wish you peace at the end of this extraordinary year – if your year has not gone as planned, then I wish you hope for next year and if you’ve had a good year, then remember to savour the experiences you’ve enjoyed – things can be so fleeting and it’s important to hold onto the joy in life, and of life. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

I thought you might like this pic of my colleague Nataly and me (above) taken last month at Shed 5 in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand looking far more glamorous then we felt having worked from 7.30am that morning to hosting dinner that same night. Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and happy holidays to you all.


Author: missrosannablog

I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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