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February’s been busy with everyone back at school and work. University students are yet to start back and the coronavirus is having an impact on any tertiary college or institution that has an international student cohort. Businesses too are having to pivot and it’s interesting to see what they’re doing and how – it’s definitely changing things up and setting some new precedents.

I’ve been trying to get back in to some regular exercise with returning to Iyengar classes at Action Yoga in Ivanhoe. Late last year, I started regular lunchtime reformer pilates classes in the new core cave at the La Trobe Sports Centre with my work colleagues and it’s been a great way of connecting – the team who plays together stays together.

Great to see La Trobe alumna and AFLW player Daisy Pearce front and centre in the media (as well as more sportswomen in general) – she is a real inspiration as an elite athlete, midwife and mother of twins.

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This beautiful Art Deco house at 318 The Boulevard in East Ivanhoe has caught my eye and is on the market again – built by Australian architect Arthur Edgar Pretty in 1940 it has definitely captured my imagination with its glamorous curves and beautiful features. I’ll always be a sucker for that era and mid-century modern – there’s a lot to be said for simple and bold at the same time. If you’re a fellow Art Deco lover you might want to go and see Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears which opens later this month at the movies.

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Speaking of glamorous, Artea at the Westin Hotel – a high tea and fashion illustration workshop with Estelle Michaelides (pictured above) is being held every Sunday in March. As someone who has previously done a similar workshop with a group of girlfriends – I can vouch for how fun they are to do as an individual and with friends.

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Also opening soon northside is Maha Bar in Collingwood. Mr Rosanna and I loved our dinner at Maha last year so it’s great there’ll be an outpost on this side of town.

It’s been an interesting start to the year with people I know coming and going – I guess change is inevitable and there’s always a lot of movement with the start of a new year, and a new decade at that. Here’s to being agile, nimble and flexible in this new age.


ACMI’s new exhibition based on the adventures of Alice in Wonderland has just opened and I hope to visit over the coming months – I’ve always been a bit enthralled by the characters, imagination and surrealism of the whole story and remember seeing a pantomime as a child where the scene of Alice falling down the rabbit hole has stayed with me even as an adult.  I love the premise of the exhibition Imagine a world where nothing is impossible, which resonates strongly with me as one of Mr Rosanna’s own quotes is Anything is possible.

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A wonderland of a different kind is the KaBloom Festival of Flowers currently on at the Tesselaar Tulip Farm and I think it would definitely be worth a visit to see all the other flowers they grow at their absolute peak.IMG_7129

I’ve had a really busy start to the year (I know I keep saying this!) which included going to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on Saturday night, which is still on in Melbourne this week.  My friend Colum was hilariously funny and my La Trobe workmates and I joined him for dinner at Fonda Mexican in Flinders Lane after his gig at nearby Tasma Terrace.  The food was excellent (you do have to order at the bar) and the music even better – we had a great night out and were the last to leave.  I obviously don’t get out enough!

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On another random note, this beautiful Art Deco house at 318 The Boulevard in Ivanhoe East has just come on to the market and I love that the owners have retained its original features and done a pretty sympathetic renovation restoring it to all its glory.  Enjoy your week.