I can’t breathe

It’s the Grammy award winning song by H.E.R. (aka Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson) written in protest against systemic racism post-Black Lives Matter and indeed I feel like this strange liminal time we are now in has brought much social, cultural and political change to bear. With the great sisterhood and the good men who support them out in force today for March 4 Justice across the country, it’s not just the younger, woke generation who want to see the end of racism (and other forms of discrimination) and gender equality in their lifetime but older generations as well. For me as always, actions speak louder than words from those in positions of power to the average woman in the street and if behaviour change actually takes place. It’s given me pause for thought and the opportunity to re-imagine a different kind of future in a post-pandemic world. Nothing stays the same and perhaps nothing ever should in this case.

Image via Baketico

I return to work this week and will reveal more once things are confirmed suffice to say that I’ve had a number of job interviews in the past couple of weeks and now trying to work out my own way forward and what this looks like. The past couple of months at home has meant time to re-group, sort out some of my clutter (it’s amazing how good it feels to get on top of things) and get my kids settled into the new school year. My daily routine has consisted of waking up to guided meditation in the mornings and more time living and being in the moment enjoying the now. I’ve also had time to do some further online study on BuddhaNet revisiting Buddhist theory – while Buddhism is a religion – for me it’s always been more a way of thinking with its focus on pragmatism and application to the real world.

Image via Boca Gelato

It will be interesting to see what remains once I am back at work, which is always the challenge. Working from home over the past 12 months has given Mr Rosanna and I more time to be with our children, exercise and pursue our creative passions along with being just as productive at work (if not more) however in an ideal world, I think two days in the office and the remainder at home would make for a much more balanced existence across the board.

79 – 81 Buckingham Drive images above and below via Realestate.com.au

I’ve had a busy weekend including a raucous dinner with my besties at Hawker Hall on Saturday night but could hear the music playing from Parksounds yesterday and a couple of new local businesses have caught my eye including Baketico in Heidelberg Heights (where Jam and Cream used to be) and right next door to Cinch Training, where my friend Nikki Ellis can be found helping people find their fierce. I think if you are indulging in baked delights, then it’s helpful having a fitness studio right next door!

Boca Gelato by Coda and Tonka Chef Adam D’Sylva is also coming soon to Ivanhoe where Andrew’s Books used to be on Upper Heidelberg Road so while some local businesses have closed, it’s exciting to see new businesses emerge to replace them.

Speaking of exciting, I haven’t had a chance to have a sticky but this mid-century house (pictured above) at 79 – 81 Buckingham Drive in Heidelberg is a show stopper. The current owners have raised 4 children there so for a bigger family, it looks like suburban paradise…