It’s Prince’s ripping song that greeted me on arrival at the Heide Makers Market in Bulleen on Saturday, and I’m glad I finally made it to one.  Mr Rosanna and the boys rode their bikes from our house, which was the smarter move as the car parks were crazy with attendants directing me from not one, not two but three different spaces.  I eventually nabbed a park at the base of Banksia Park and walked up from there to the market.IMG_5755

There were some beautiful stalls with a focus on Mother’s Day presents and it was busy with all the people there with their kids and dogs in hand.  It was great to see some of my ex-Visitor Services friends from Heide at the official Heide Museum of Modern Art stand selling things from the Heide Store as well as my friend ceramic artist Lene Kuhl Jakobsen who was strategically placed right next to them.IMG_5760

Mr R and I were hungry when we got there so the coffee cart and stall selling ciabatta rolls filled with all sorts of yummy delicacies, wine and fresh juices was very welcome.  Be warned there was a big queue for coffee in particular and the three men at the cart were working pretty feverishly in an effort to keep up.  It was lovely to just sit in the sun and enjoy the buzz as well as the music curated by the resident DJ.IMG_5758

And while I ended up buying a pair of statement earrings from Ara + Lyra, Mr R was more interested in the Merkos custom guitars handmade by a Greek couple who’ve moved to Melbourne, and the boutique beers on offer from Barrow Boys Brewing Co. in Reservoir.IMG_5759

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day if you have a mum in your life.  I enjoyed breakfast out followed by a relaxing afternoon reading the papers by the fire and watching a bit of the Eurovision finals on SBS.  It’s been nice to have a breather.  Have a great week.