Always will be

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed and I hope the 46th US President Joe Biden will be able to turn the fortunes of America around with his focus on science to combat both COVID-19 and climate change. He’s triumphed with a female person of colour in Vice President Kamala Harris and it is the dawn of a new era globally reflecting the greater diversity that now exists in the world.

It’s been good news here in Melbourne too with the state becoming one again with the lessening of restrictions and no cases for 9 days, which feels nothing short of miraculous after the winter we went through in extended lockdown. The taste of freedom is all the more sweet and our little family bubble including our dog celebrated today with an outdoor picnic and gelati in the sculpture garden (above) at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen. Heide Cafe is already open and buzzing, with the museum and its three galleries re-opening this week.

Image via Adairs

Nature and all things local and domestic continue to be highlights for me. Its NAIDOC Week this week and it’s great to see Indigenous art and design also taking centre stage in terms of collaborations such as Kip & Co x Babbarra and Miimi + Jiinda for Adairs. I’m also loving more contemporary interpretations by Melbourne Indigenous artist Natalie Jade as well as some of the more high end textile and accessories available from NORTH, Babbara Womens Centre itself and One of Twelve.

The beauty of living in Melbourne’s north-east is that many of the mid-century houses built in this area with their open plan living and abundance of natural light are able to spectacularly showcase all things native and Australiana just like an art gallery. I hope you are also finding the beauty in the everyday at the moment.

Image via One of Twelve