A Different Perspective

This is the name of a new exhibition in West Heidelberg that includes, photography, installation, sound, film and free ‘Art Adventure Bike Tours’, which explores the unseen, unheard and unexpected aspects of Banyule.  It’s definitely got my imagination piqued! Opening night is next Friday 28th April with the artworks from Lisa Watson, soundscapes by Jess Lovell and film watching in an urban lounge setting.

Image via Facebook

I’ve been a bit alarmed watching the news this past week and seeing the rise of nationalism around the world.  It all feels a bit dark and gloomy at the moment but maybe that’s just my winter mood starting to arrive…I could do with a different perspective myself.

On a more positive note, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks catching up with friends and family – a couple of whom have bought their ‘forever’ home and it’s been lovely to see them so happy and settled in their new houses complete with new furniture and furnishings.  I start wanting to go into cocoon mode at this time of year so just wanted to post on a few things which have caught my eye.


3 panel firescreen image via Sneddons

I love this Art Deco-style firescreen (above), which would look great in my living room.  Remember to get your chimney swept if you do have an open fireplace.  I also love the very expensive but very cool modernist hanging ErgoFocus fireplaces (below) from France.

Image via oblica.com.au

Rugs are also something that add a lot of warmth to the home if you have floorboards like us.  I prefer natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk, linen and jute but am mindful of dust given we all suffer from various allergies in my household.  I’m more of a traditionalist and think it’s worth saving up to buy quality rugs that last for years rather than being a disposable fashion item.  Hali Rugs, Loom Rugs and Cadrys all sell beautiful rugs – I also love Kulchi‘s Moroccan rugs.

Doorstops image via 1803.com.au

Finally, I discovered these gorgeous Australian made deer leather doorstops (above) from 1803 – I think they’d look great in a modernist or mid-century home.  If you prefer fabric or something more organic, Memi Designs also make lovely doorstops – the finishing touch for any house.  Finally, these outdoor pots from Anchor Ceramics in Reservoir would look fantastic on a window, balcony or deck.

Image via Anchor Ceramics