Some Velvet Morning

Mr Rosanna is one of those clever and creative people who experienced a purple patch over Melbourne’s COVID19 lockdown tour 20/21 managing to record a whole album’s worth of songs now in production. After singing and playing in bands as a teenager and uni student into the 1990s, his musical career got hijacked with his professional job, overseas travel, relationships and ultimately buying his first house and settling down with me and having a family.

His time is now and he will be playing in his first gig in quite a while at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill and there will be an entourage comprised of his favourite people cheering him on from the sidelines. You can check him out on Instagram at #adamfranklin_music.

One of my cousins came to visit me last weekend and her foodie partner kindly brought some Portugese tarts (above) from Casa Nata in Thornbury, which were delicious and highly recommended if you get a chance to try them. Somewhat coincidentally, Mr R and I then found ourselves in High Street on Melbourne Cup Day with some time to kill in the drizzling rain

We got our thrift on at Vinnie’s Thornbury (viewed from Nasty’s bar above) with the whole store almost completely to ourselves. After spying the ‘Ice cream and hot chips’ sign (genius!) for Kenny Lover (below) and driving past Wolf and Swill bar, which have both moved to the other side of the street, we ended up having a quick drink at Nasty’s bar (further below), which was good way to while away a lazy hour on a cold day.

While I’m not a drinker, I’ve been reading about Alphington craft brewery La Sirene which now has Bar La Sirene and I love the name which reminds me of the siren songs of the mermaids. Speaking of loaves and fishes, Mr R has ordered some sourdough bread from Dougharty Baker in West Heidelberg and I’m looking forward to trying their cardamon buns and cinnamon buns in future.

With Melbourne Cup week now over, the countdown to Christmas starts…


Fifteenth star

Omicron seems to be everywhere at the moment – in the media, on our minds and for some unfortunate people, in our bodies as well. People in my inner circle who I’ve luckily not seen the past month have started succumbing to the dreaded virus and some of them don’t even know how or where they picked it up. They’re all double or triple vaxxed and most have had mild symptoms – there are some PCR testing sites now handing our rapid antigen tests so at least they’ve been able to confirm they actually have COVID.

Chanel exhibition at the
National Gallery of Victoria

I am hoping the current variant is peaking or near its peak as I feel very greatly for those working at the frontline – our healthcare workers, the police, childcare workers, as well as retail, hospitality, transportation and supply chain staff who have to carry out essential work but not been spared by COVID either directly contracting it or being a close contact and having to isolate.

Chanel brooch image via Artedeco

I’ve been directed to work from home not only this month but next as well so feel like I should be applying the same caution to my personal life and social activity. It means that I chose not to attend the Chanel exhibition at the NGV this past weekend despite having purchased tickets a while ago and I may cancel plans for next weekend just until things are less fraught. I feel this is a very small sacrifice to make compared with the challenges currently facing those working in our hospitals.

Chanel tuxedo bow necklace via Artedeco

A friend of mine did attend the Chanel show last week and while I’m not sure I’d ever buy something from Chanel even if I had the money, I do love some of the vintage Chanel pieces sold by Artedeco in Daylesford (and online). This costume brooch and necklace (above) have both caught my eye.

When I am ready to venture out again, I’d like to pay a visit to Casa Nata in Thornbury (because who doesn’t love a Portugese tart?) and retro-style Thornbury Espresso Bar (check out their Insta page!). I was also fascinated to discover the Regal Ballroom (the heritage-listed Northcote Theatre) where I had my wedding reception is being re-born as a live music venue seating 1500 people with an Italian Trattoria and rooftop bar. It reminds me I’m yet to visit the Thornbury Theatre, Thornbury Picture House or ninteenforty rooftop bar at the Rivoli Theatre in Hawthorn.

I think I’m a bit nostalgic about old picture theatres in general and have a similar love of vintage trains and train travel – my ultimate train trip would be the Art Deco Orient-Express from Venice to Istanbul but I was also reading about the new La Dolce Vita line in Italy which has more of a 60s/70s vibe and fit out. Locally, I know there’s been a long waiting list to travel on both The Ghan and Indian Pacific trains in Australia. Oh…to travel again somewhere exotic…