Let there be light

My past week has been pretty turbulent and I was glad to celebrate the solstice today with a potluck dinner with friends outside on our deck in front of the fire last night. Given the rise in COVID-19 cases in Victoria, the continued state of emergency and tightening of restrictions, it’s been a rather shaky week. I hope we manage to suppress the virus again if we remain vigilant and play by the rules. Mr Rosanna and I expect to stay working from home for an indefinite period of time.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

I’m always glad to see the end of the shortest day of daylight and this past week has been world meat free week and today is the International Day of Yoga. Our friends who came over last night have long been pescatarians so we had soup and fish for dinner. I bought Hetty McKinnon’s latest cookbook ‘Family‘ (below) on sale a while ago on the recommendation of another vegetarian friend who has a couple of Hetty’s other recipe books. When we were in the office, I would often have food envy looking at her lunch creations! While we are not completely meat-free, Mr R and I have incorporated more plant foods and seafood into our daily diet and I have managed to lose some of my iso-kilos from lockdown although still have a while to go.


I’ve been running as well as continuing to practise yoga over Zoom during this period and think that anyone who owns an activewear brand has probably done well over this time and I do love some of the designs of Pip Edwards’ Australian brand PE Nation – a little bit 80s and a whole lot bold (below). A reminder too local people that my friend Nikki Ellis’ Cinch PT studio will re-open from tomorrow if you’re also needing to get into shape and shed some of those iso-kilos!

PE Nation image via David Jones


Finally, Finders Keepers at Home has been on this weekend and if you are in a position to support local artists buying gifts for yourself or others, it’s a good time to stock up. My cousin Beck Ng is one of those artists and I’m glad she’s had other options to sell her wares besides markets and bricks and mortar stores. It will be interesting to see how many retailers stay online and how many go back to physical outlets once the pandemic is over.