It’s the name of the new book by Daisy Buchanan and a Millennial term similar to ‘adulting’ – where the noun becomes a verb. While I don’t have a toxic relationship with my job, I have very much been caught up with the demands of my recent appointment as Deputy Director of Marketing & Communications at ANZSOG. While we’ve now advertised for an Engagement Coordinator to backfill my former Alumni Coordinator role, it’s still been very busy now that applications are open for both the Deputy Leadership Program and 2023 enrolments for our two year part-time postgraduate Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) – our new marketing campaign also launches at the end of this month for all our foundation programs.

It’s been busy at home as well given the flurry of activity booking tradies in for jobs including still feeling like I’m camping until my new wardrobe is built and having to empty out all the bedrooms again to be carpeted in two months’ time-yes, the lack of skilled workers and housing/renovation boom coupled with supply chain issues and increased costs is very real. Still – it’s first world problems and I feel grateful to have a roof over my head and to be able to pay for my no doubt increased power bills this coming winter. Politically and economically, it is an interesting time with our new Prime Minister now in office and we may have official dealings with him very soon at ANZSOG.

It is an adjustment on both personal and professional fronts and while I hope I’m putting my own stamp on things, it’s definitely not comfortable and I’m not resting on my laurels – if you are in a new job, I reckon it takes a good six months to come to grips with all aspects of your role and to be able to take things forward. I’m trying to keep up my exercise and some social activities including a couple of long planned catch ups that are now happening.

Locally, Mr Rosanna and I had a cheap and cheerful anniversary dinner at Indian restaurant Cafe Saffron – an Ivanhoe institution that I hadn’t visited for a number of years and it was lovely to see lots of Indian families and friends dining the night we went out for dinner. Their specials are worth ordering if you go.

Cotham Dining Kew

I’ve also been to Kew twice in the past fortnight having fine dining Italian at their local institution Centonove where the waiters are suited up and it’s a cozy atmosphere that awaits you with great service on offer. The same owners also own Bar Alba across the road if you get there early and feel like a drink or something more lo-fi. Today, I caught up with one of my former La Trobe bosses – The Professor – and another friend and ex-colleague at Cotham Dining (the former Hellenic Republic in Kew) where the food was also excellent – it’s a big space and more modern in style but deserves a local following as well. Both places are lucky to have the well-heeled locals of Kew as customers.

Winter is coming and there’ll be an early blast of it this week – I hope you’re staying positive if you’re not a winter person like me. You may find this Age article on the benefits of dancing interesting like I did – it’s an activity that keeps you very much in the present moment and maybe we’d all benefit from dancing like nobody’s watching as the song goes (the Yuna version not Iggy Azalea’s). Hope you have a great week and I’ll try to ensure I stay careering onwards and upwards (rather than off the side of the mountain!).