My kingdom for a horse

Hot Halloweens make it harder for parents and I hope you survived the shenanigans last night if you were one of those good people out there shepherding children in local streets or doling out treats from home. My eldest son got a ‘trick’ from one household who gave the ghoulish hordes frozen peas instead of sweets! A clever idea – wasabi peas would have taken it one step further – heh heh!


It’s also a warm start to Spring Racing Carnival and while I have mixed feelings about horse racing, I do love horses. I commented a while ago on this blog about the beautiful horses I’d seen at Kryal Castle (above) near Ballarat 18 months ago when visiting. I was listening to the radio yesterday and they are holding a special Australia vs England jousting tournament this weekend. Yes, jousting as in knights on horses with lances trying to push each other off…all very medieval. Locally, you can see horses at the North Eastern Horse and Pony Club or RDA Viewbank – another one of the beautiful surprises in that leafy green Viewbank to Lower Plenty pocket.

Retailers have already started spruiking Christmas and I love the Buy Regional Christmas campaign by the NSW government to support drought-stricken farmers – it’s better to mindfully consume locally made or owned products to benefit local people and I’m also glad to see that single use plastic bags are slowly being phased out.

If you are out and about locally, Music in the Park is being held in Were Street Montmorency which will help get you into the weekend vibe. My current work colleagues have been wearing beautiful shirts from Mojo on Main in Montmorency if you are in the area. Youth Arts Showcase Express also opens at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space in Ivanhoe next Wednesday night and if you’re not thinking about Millennials and post-Millennials, you probably should be in coming years as their generation becomes a force in the business world and society in general.