Forever Young

It’s the name of my next lecture that asks how can we age without getting older?  It’s an interesting premise but given the fact that many of us will live to an advanced age, there are many repercussions to think about.  Joining La Trobe ageing specialists Professor Irene Blackberry and Dr Rachel Winterton will be ‘Older & Bolder’ author, writer and community activist Renata Singer – wife of ethicist Peter Singer and an interesting person in her own right.  She is one of the co-founders of social enterprise Fitted for Work (although no longer involved) and spends half her year in Melbourne and the other half in New York.

Image via Bold Thinking Series

Speaking of interesting enterprises, I watched the news about the Melbourne Coffee Co. last night with their idea of potentially turning our old W-class trams into cafes for export.  It’s such a clever, original and sustainable idea for these iconic trams that were originally built in the 1920s and now no longer in service and I hope it becomes a reality.

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I spent my Mother’s Day at Hunter Lane Cafe yesterday which was packed out with multiple breakfast, brunch and lunch sittings.  The owner Dennis was interviewed last week on ABC radio about the Rosanna Level Crossing so it’s been an action packed week for him.  I still feel quite ambivalent about the crossing and the need for it given the great cost and inconvenience but time will tell.

Image via Apiary Made

I’ve started hauling out my winter clothes and heavier quilts and blankets with the cold snap we’ve had.  I bought some Apiary Made beeswax liners not that long ago and have been using these instead of plastic wrap in the kitchen.  My clever cousin Beck from Fabric Drawer has done one of their designs and they’re great for wrapping cheese in particular.  I also now carry a glass straw in my handbag and have camp cutlery in my drawer as I’m wanting to reduce my use of single use plastics and was pleased to see that Woolworths are phasing out plastic bags by mid-year.

Local Profile: Beck Ng

I’m lucky enough to have some clever and crafty people in my family including my cousin Beck!  While she has a professional background in graphic design, she’s morphed into a slashie with a textile design business on the side while working part-time and raising two small children.  Yes, she’s a busy woman and you’ll find her working at this weekend’s Finders Keepers Market at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.  Say hello to her if you find yourself there or you can always browse through her lovely things online.FabricDrawer_Beck

Name: Beck Ng

Occupation: Designer

Lives/works: North Melbourne

How long have you lived/worked here? Forever! 20 plus years.drawstring

Describe yourself: I’m a designer with a love of all things pattern. I create surface pattern designs and illustrations, which are printed onto fabric and paper and made into all things lovely.clutch2

I currently have a range of bags, zip purses/pouches, greeting cards and gift wrap with my patterns that will be available at the Finders Keepers market and a selection is on my Etsy shop to make to order.laminated

Best thing(s) about living/working in North Melbourne:
I love being close to the city where everything is accessible by walking or a short tram ride away. I try to use the car as little as possible. Despite being so close to town there’s lots of parks and plenty of places to walk around, which always provides inspiration for my

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