Everything Everywhere All at once

It’s not only the name of the out there movie starring Michelle Yeoh but it’s my life at the moment. Since coming back from Queensland I’ve moved house (the day after we returned!), which is walking distance to The Centre Ivanhoe and also started a new internal role at work after successfully interviewing when my family were in isolation from COVID. Somehow I still managed to do a good job interviewing remotely for the Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications role in my team vacated by my Director after she was promoted.

I have my gorgeous in-laws to thank for helping us supervise packing up the Garden State moving trucks the day before we flew home otherwise I’m not sure if we would have met the double settlement deadline the following day. It meant Mr Rosanna and I were in all sorts of pain (first world problems I know) before we went up north as we had to pack up everything so we were ready to hit the go button on our return. Nothing like a bit of pressure…

We moved during the post-Easter break before ANZAC Day and there were some long days and nights spent unpacking endless boxes. We still have more left at my in-laws after our initial de-clutter to sell but will bring these across once we’ve had some painting done. Tradies are in short supply at the moment but we’re now in the process of booking them in for cosmetic and/or functional updates. It may be a long time, if ever, we can afford to do a structural renovation but our house is perfectly liveable at the moment, even if not quite our taste.

After a three year real estate journey, we became less concerned about the style of the house but more interested in light and space surprising ourselves with some of the properties we ended up considering or bidding for along the way. In the end, we’ve been lucky enough to have bought a 1920s brick house which has some beautiful period features and quite a grand, stately presence in the original rooms. The rest of the house, perhaps not so much, but hey – we’re up for the challenge!

After almost five years at La Trobe University, I’ve had a much faster career trajectory at ANZSOG walking straight into a permanent role and being promoted within a year – an irony that hasn’t been lost on me. I don’t regret the time I spent at La Trobe – it had a fantastic internal culture when I was there, I met some amazing people in my colleagues but also the many external speakers and alumni I worked with and gained valuable experience and contacts but I think anyone with talent and determination deserves secure employment and the opportunity to progress their life. The skills shortage is very real and while it’s been heartening to hear about young people in particular finding jobs, I still think there is a level of under-employment as well as insecure work for many people, which makes it almost impossible to get ahead.

I know things have also been incredibly tough for small businesses, especially those based in Melbourne’s CBD and have been told it will take until the end of 2024 for things to resemble what they were pre-pandemic, or even longer. But, out of crises come opportunity and the mark of any person is how they behave when the chips are down. It is a time of transition politically, economically, socially and structurally as we recover from the past two years of COVID-19 and its impacts. What are your plans and where do you see your life going?

For me, I expect to feel uncomfortable at home and at work for a period of time, but realise that without change – there can be no growth or innovation. Leaving La Trobe has forced me to adapt whether I was ready to or not. It’s something to bear in mind as we enter a new age. I hope you get a chance to make your mark, in your own way, in your own time this year and beyond.