Time out

I perhaps spoke too soon last week regarding our freedom when in a matter of days we’ve found ourselves in lockdown 4.0 in Melbourne! And no, I didn’t see that one coming, which goes to show how fast COVID-19 moves especially now with the different variants. I feel very grateful to have celebrated a happy occasion last weekend and sad for those who had local or interstate celebrations and business booked over this seven day period. There have been many more exposure sites this time around as much as cases seem to have been relatively contained – my own team at work had a near miss after going to St. Charly cafe (because the Green Man’s Arms hotel was closed) for lunch on Monday.

Fingers crossed it won’t be any longer and while I’m personally relieved to have had things placed on ice this week (three events were cancelled but I was only wanting to attend one of them), some of my family and friends are feeling the effects of the past 18 months and it has been a mental battle for many of them who are feeling worn down or worse. Self-care is really important because if you’re not OK, you can’t be there for anyone else. Make sure you access any support you may need over this time.

24 Wilfred Road Ivanhoe East (above and below) via realestate.com.au

The sun has made things bearable today and it’s good if you can spend at least 15 minutes outdoors every day over Winter. I’ve spent time in my garden today and will go for a run before the sun sets tonight although I’m expecting it to be like Bourke Street at the park. It’s not just the sun that’s made me happy but also that I’ve been able to book my first COVID-19 vaccination. If you haven’t had any luck on the hotline – online bookings can be made at Northern Health in Epping. It doesn’t really help to get too emotional about things for me – we are where we are and things feel different this time around because there is a vaccine and we can take action to help ourselves and play a small part in moving beyond this global pandemic. And make no mistake, I think we’re all very keen to move on and have life return to some semblance of normal instead of this stop start existence.

It’s important to remember too that this time won’t be forever and even in this strange in between time in our world, we need to feel like we are still living our lives. Whatever gives you a feeling of being in the moment or ‘flow’ is a great comfort and antidote to negativity and pessimism in terms of focusing on what you can do – it can be a period of great creativity and imagination. Things will get better but this year was always going to be the sequel to last year. I’m hopeful that 2022 will be better if you can take a long view. This whole pandemic has been a lesson in patience and acceptance.

Mr Rosanna has actually been doing a high performance mindfulness course at work, which he’s found quite transformative and that’s saying a lot as he’s done many courses over the years but this one seems to have stuck. He’s been inspired to buy this book ‘Breath’ by James Nestor and I’m looking forward to reading it after him – breath (or pranayama) is an important focus of yoga and one of the reasons one why I think yoga is so beneficial and not just at a physical level. If you can remember to breathe and let go if you’re feeling tense for whatever reason, it can be incredibly calming.

I’ve reverted to working from home this week but been busy helping recruit alumni once again for ANZSOG’s upcoming marketing campaign and we have some very high profile public sector leaders currently doing leadership courses with us. This time around, I hope to take a more active role in the process rather than just at the start and I’ll share more on that in coming months.

Finally, while I think the local real estate market won’t pick up again until Spring, this beautiful Art Deco house at 24 Wilfred Road in East Ivanhoe is up for sale and I’ve driven past it a number of times over the years. While the renovated interiors are perhaps a little dated, I love that they’ve retained the original bathroom and the exterior spaces are gorgeous. What an idyllic environment for one lucky family.


New Hope

Millennials and Centennials have been on my mind since starting my new job in late January and I will reveal my cunning plan to a number of very senior people at La Trobe University in the coming weeks and months. Technology has been a game changer for Gen Y and Z and their way to connect not only with each other, but the world at large.


Speaking of youth, I did want to mention the New Hope exhibition which opened last Wednesday night at Hatch in Ivanhoe – a mash up show if you like of audio and visual artists all coming together in the name of hip hop. You’ll see work from beat makers, rappers and performers developed at arts youth facility Jets Studio backdropped by street artists’ original works. Music and artwork will be available for sale with a percentage of profits donated to Berry Street Youth Housing. I was lucky enough to work with Tom Civil a number of years ago promoting his mural on the external wall of Crisalida Family Therapy Centre in Thornbury and missed the recent pop up show Empire by Rone – Burnham Beeches out in the Dandenongs but find street art fascinating.


It’s been chilly and I’ve been eating my way through winter to keep my mind off the gloom (as well as running when I can). Mr Rosanna took me out for a belated birthday dinner (above) to Melbourne institution Ezard at the Adelphi Hotel in Flinders Lane last weekend which was a special night. I found it very ‘Melbourne’ in that it’s understated and sophisticated (white tablecloths) at the same time. The focus is very much on the outstanding food and service, your company and conversation rather than a more showy type of dining experience and environment. There is an eight course sharing menu but Mr R and I opted for the three course a la carte option. Highly recommended.


I’ve complemented that this week with a more casual dinner with friends at vegetarian pub Green Man’s Arms in Carlton (note to self: remember to book a table next time!) where we sat at a bar table perched on stools. It’s got a great atmosphere and I loved the interior with my observant friends noting the cotton plants instead of flowers (apparently a current trend) in the vases.

I’m also on an internal ‘cultural’ committee at work and we organised a Christmas in July lunch at Cafe Heide in Bulleen this week for our entire department, which was a lot of fun. The team that plays together stays together! It was the first Christmas in July that I’ve ever attended and we will make this an ongoing event. We chose mains from the existing menu but I noted the chilli hot chocolate and mulled wine available and the cafe were good enough to create a special Christmas pudding dessert for us. It was busy at Heide and I parked at Banksia Park but it was lovely to walk up through the gardens including past the big holly bush, which got me into the spirit! If you are feeling it like me, there is also a German Christmas Market at Macleod College from 5 – 8pm on Friday 26 July.

Finally, if you are a craft fan or want to get ahead with early Christmas shopping, the Finders Keepers Market is on this weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton and a good indoors activity given how cold it’s going to be.