Sun is Shining

img_9362.jpgI hope you make the most of the next two weeks before daylight savings ends. It’s already darker in the mornings and I’m trying to steel myself for the coming cooler months – I think a holiday in the sun might need to be booked! I’ve been flat knacker these past 10 weeks and started my week with a Monday night event at the NGV helping host over 600 prospective post-graduate students and alumni while they attended an exclusive Escher X Nendo: Between Two Worlds exhibition viewing (images above and below).


If you haven’t yet been, make sure you visit in the next fortnight as it closes on 7 April and as much as it was a working event, I did get lost in the beauty of it with some of my work colleagues once our official duties were over. I loved the boldness and graphic nature of the show and hadn’t realised most of it was monochromatic (black and white) until the very end when one of my friends pointed that out to me. Escher had a very unique way of seeing the world and I think that’s the one thing that distinguishes great artists from good – they have a style and signature that is completely their own.


One of the most beautiful parts of the show was the installation of tiny houses where if you walked to a certain point, the silhouette of a larger house could be seen right in the middle, which I somehow managed to capture on my iphone below.


I will be trying to take it easy this weekend. The Home Harvest Picnic is on at Edendale Farm in Eltham on Sunday and speaking of food, I have been going down the back streets of Preston of late going past Spanish donut pit stop Mr Churros near Thornbury Secondary College, which I’ve previously mentioned, as well as visiting¬† middle eastern grocery store Cedar Bakery which has been there for a while but expanded to offer seated cafe-style tables.


Have a great weekend!