Stay the course

Wow – a week can be a long time in politics and what a week it was. I’ve found it really interesting now working in the public sector remaining apolitical given I deal with people like myself who are there to serve the public, no matter the government of the day. Whether you swing left of right (or neither) in terms of politics, it’s not easy being a leader and in the case of NSW this week, the woman in the arena.

1 Rockbeare Grove Ivanhoe (and below)

It’s been obvious here in Victoria that people’s resolve has been sorely tested with home visits now a factor in a third of cases and other LGAs outside of the north and west being hotspots. It is a great pity -while I understand it has been desperately lonely for many not to have social contact with others – we are so close to the end and I just hope we can all hang on for that little bit longer and know the sacrifices we make today, will make all the difference tomorrow. Greater freedoms are only a matter of a few weeks away if we can hold our nerve and stay the course.

I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors again this weekend and the walking trails around here have been like Bourke Street – I’ve bumped into a number of local friends walking the Yarra trail along the old Boulevard from East Ivanhoe to the Warringal parklands in Heidelberg watching out for slithery friends now that it’s October.

1 Rockbeare Grove studio apartment

The spring real estate market is back in action and this 1920s house at 1 Rockbeare Grove in Ivanhoe sold yesterday. I love its period features with modern extension at the back but the extra wow factor is the studio apartment with its own separate entrance built on top of the garage – way cool. It was also Love Your Bookshop Day yesterday and I will have to visit Fairfield Books now that Andrews Books in Ivanhoe is no longer. I’m pleased that Eltham Bookshop too is still open as is Robinson’s Bookshop in Greensborough. I did finish The Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey and have moved on to Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos. While I no longer have a room of my own, I also love the look of this coffee table book (below) ‘A room of her own’ – inside the homes and lives of creative women.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is currently on in digital format until 17 October and I’m excited about Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto exhibition at the NGV opening on 5 December. She is my all-time fashion hero and I can’t wait to visit – we all need something to look forward to.