From Italy to Japan

Beautiful Autumn weather this Labour Day weekend has lifted my spirits and I hope you feel the same way even if you’ve had a staycation in Melbourne like we have. Moomba’s on albeit in a COVID-safe way and it’s been a great weekend to go regional if you are lucky enough to be elsewhere. While we can’t travel internationally at the moment, we are lucky to live in such a multicultural city where there are experiences to be had not only in Melbourne but all around. I was very sad to hear about the sudden passing of Melbourne music impresario Michael Gudinski who has done so much for local music over so many years – Melbourne will not be quite the same without him.

A week is also a long time in politics and while I find it disturbing as a female to read about alleged transgressions by males in Parliament, the defence force and in schools – I think the fact this is now being raised with much more transparency across the board is a good thing – younger generations are speaking up and speaking out and not prepared to accept things as they are. What you are prepared to accept in life often reflects what you think you deserve on so many levels and I applaud many brave young women for stepping forward and shaking things up. It took me a number of years to realise this myself and continues to be a lifelong lesson now.

I’ve started having professional opportunities manifest a lot earlier than I anticipated, which reflects both the state of the Victorian economy (it is a better time to be looking for work than last year) as well as the work I’ve put in over the past 6 weeks. I have also just let go and continued to focus on maintaining equanimity – we can’t control what happens to us externally so I’ve worked on my internal foundation and self-validation rather than letting myself be affected by outside praise or blame or other events. It’s been a much better way to navigate life for me but I will reveal more next week about my job news as I also think financial independence whether you are partnered or not is vitally important, and to always give yourself choices in life. A number of my friends are now single parents and it has been eye-opening when you have backed yourself into a corner with little financial support or meaningful employment.

Giant Cannoli cake image via Pelligra Cakes

It is International Women’s Day next week so perhaps it’s no surprise these things are front and centre in the media – I also like the hashtag #choosetochallenge and will be taking this on board. On a less serious note, I continued my networking journey last week meeting Dani Ahimastos – Banyule Council’s Economic Development Coordinator working in the Banyule Business team at Pelligra Cakes in Greensborough where we had coffee and house-made cannoli (delicious!). She has had her work cut out for her as most local councils have helping small businesses recover. While there is no Banyule Women in Business lunch this March, there will be an event later this year and I’m very excited at the proposed female speaker if Dani and her team can make it happen – it will be right on point as they say. Stay tuned!

Demon Slayer image via Wikipedia

From Italy to Japan this weekend with Mr Rosanna and I taking one of our children and a friend to see Demon Slayer at IMAX Melbourne – yes the first time I’ve seen an anime film and this one is Japan’s all time highest grossing movie, which has earned over $400 million worldwide. It has an IMDB rating of 8.3 so it was a good one to watch. The things you do for your kids…

Junko Azugawa image via Banyule Council

Harmony Week is coming up and I think seeing Banyule artist-in residence Junko Azukawa (Japanese ink) perform with Japanese Taiko drummer Toshi Sakamato at the new Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, Yarra-me Djila Theatrette and outdoor courtyard at 12pm on Sunday 21 March (Harmony Day) may be more my thing.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!