Finals fever

Despite growing up in a family of girls, I now seem to have made up for it as the sole female (bar my dog) in a family of boys.  It’s finals season in my household not only in terms of the AFL but also with kids’ sports.  I’ve been one of the many team managers for the Banyule Hawks this season and it’s been a lot of fun.


Spring has arrived and it was glorious standing outside bathed in the morning light today – the weather is going to heat up this week and it’s about time!  I’ve desperately needed some motivation although I did go out for a very brisk run yesterday afternoon and I hope you all had a great Father’s Day – or Mother’s Day to those single parents out there doing double duty.  It’s not always an easy day for those without a father in their life and I have a number of friends and family where this is the case.


On another note, local artist Rona Green is selling two of her whimsical designs Fritz and Lionel (above) on antique white cotton/linen blend tea towels, which would look great framed and hung on your wall if not used in the kitchen!  Tickets are currently on sale for the Montsalvat Arts Festival in two weeks’ time being held on 16 September.  Their family-friendly HallowSCREAM event on 31 October also looks like a lot of fun if you’re a Nillumbik local.  My children have just celebrated Book Week at school, as most primary school children have, and their costumes will be getting a second airing for Halloween.  It was barely celebrated when I was a child but seems to have become such a big event with the baby boom that’s been going on the past 10 years or so.  Have a great week  and enjoy some of that sunshine.

The thrill of it all

It’s local artist Rona Green‘s latest exhibition which opens tomorrow night at Australian Galleries in Collingwood.  I’ve been following her for a while and love the quirkiness of her work, which won’t appeal to everyone but does to me.  I still treasure the little badges of her artwork (below) she once gave to me at a past exhibition.IMG_7130

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is also about to open this weekend, which is action-packed as Easter has come early.  I’m off to see my friend Colum perform in his show the Victorian Avant-Garde Artists Society (below) and can’t wait!IMG_7129

I had brunch on Saturday at The Old Milk Bar in Thornbury and there are a number of hidden secrets in the industrial back streets near Thornbury High School including Mr Churros, CYC Foods meat and poultry wholesalers as well as M&C Seafoods wholesalers.  We’ve never made it to Poseidon Oysters & Seafood at 30 Steane Street in Alphington but have heard it’s worth visiting.

Easter and the end of daylight savings will be upon us before we know it – enjoy this short working week!