I love the night life

Night Life is the name of the glamorous fashion exhibition of the 1920s and 30s currently showing at Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick featuring over 50 gowns as well as accessories from my favourite period in time.  And while it’s not in the north-east, I think it would be worth crossing over the river for this one and I’ve missed similar exhibitions there featuring the beautiful costumes made for the ABC TV detective series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, in the past.  The night owl in me is a little bewitched by the premise of being transported to a time where ‘stars, sophistication and city lights influenced the fashion worn by the well-dressed’.

Night Life image via Rippon Lea Estate

I was out briefly last night catching up with work friends at The Vegie Bar in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy – a bit of a stalwart from the same era as the Black Cat, Mario’s, Joe’s Garage and the Gypsy Bar.  It’s taken me a bit of time to work out that Transformer Fitzroy is its sister vegetarian restaurant and a more upmarket version.  I have also previously eaten at the more casual and communal Yong Green Food further down the street but my favourite is probably Shakahari in Carlton or its related restaurant Isthmus of Kra in South Melbourne, where I’ve also dined.

Image via Terra Madre

I’ve not been to Smith & Deli in Collingwood or Terra Madre in Northcote but know that both are pretty popular for vegan and organic food and other products – a number of my friends shop regularly at Terra Madre.

Image via Melbourne Design Market

Continuing the Winter Solstice theme from last week, there will be a Festival of Welcome to celebrate the solstice in Fed Square this coming Saturday afternoon and early evening and if you miss that, the Melbourne Design Market is being held undercover in the carpark there the following day.  I’m always glad to see the shortest day and longest night pass by, which is actually Wednesday this week.