Almost there…

…but not quite yet!  I feel like it’s been an eternity since the start of the week.  Time seems to have slowed down or maybe it’s my poor brain struggling to cope with tie-ing up loose ends for this year and planning and budgeting for next year.  I don’t think I can take much more in and I’m sure some of you may be feeling the same way.  I’m mentally tired at the moment and very much looking forward to a break.

Image via Facebook (correct date is Sat 16 Dec)

Christmas is almost here and there are a few things going on around the place this weekend.  Jeweller Abby Seymour is holding the Local Makers Market at her studio in Brunswick and if you’re local, I think this would be a great one to stop by.  A friend of mine is a fan of the Rose St. Artists’ Market in Fitroy and will be visiting soon to buy herself a birthday present (these poor people who have December birthdays!).

Aacute jewellery image via Markit

Markit & Bake is on at Fed Square this Sunday and I love that food is included in this year’s event.  I also love some of the Melbourne jewellery designers participating including Aacute and Kingston Jewellery – some statements to be made there!

Main House image via Stix and Stones

Locally, I’ve been hearing about the opening of new restaurant Stix and Stones in Lower Plenty and hope to manage a visit at some point over the summer to check it out.  The Boulevard Lights in Ivanhoe officially open tomorrow with Carols by Candlelight on at Ivanhoe Park.  It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas…