Local profile-Shelley Heaney

Spring is around the corner and it’s fitting to have a truly inspirational local profile on my blog to celebrate the new season – a time of hope and renewal. It is also a very small world in that Shelley and I share things in common with our children at the same school and now, she is working with me at La Trobe! It’s been nice to broker introductions and have people in our community benefit from my network. I wish nothing but the best for Shelley as she celebrates this new season of her life.

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Name: Shelley Heaney

Occupation: Visual Communications Advisor

Lives/works: Rosanna

How long have you lived/worked here? 8 years

Day042_105 card

Describe yourself/what you do: I have been a designer for many years. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Time stood still. I held my breath. Living became a privilege; an acutely intense and delicate place.

In the uncertainty, I found solace in nature.

The Botanical Press was created and Moments from Nature began.

Day022_105 card

Each Moment from Nature comes from mindfulness, changing season and moving life cycles. Each piece is unique, and a celebration of nature’s extraordinarily beautiful imperfections.

Delicately chosen words accompany each Moment from Nature as powerful affirmations to connect our daily lives to the living, and be in the certainty of stillness.

Graphic in colour and form, refined in detail and impressive in size, the natural elements become large scale prints –– a welcome part of our built environment bringing the outside in.

190704 The Botanical Press-199

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east: On the doorstep of magnificent green spaces and the Yarra river. Established sports grounds with great community clubs. Delicious cafes. An incredible part of Melbourne to raise a family.

For more information: Follow Instagram posts for inspirational Moments from Nature (also available as cards).

Large scale prints for inspiration in the home/workplace.