Call of the Avant-Garde

I love the title of this Heide Museum of Modern Art exhibition on Constructivism and Australian Art and have always loved the fact that my ex-client Pat Mackle chose a play on words for her postcard business Avant Card.  Pat, and her partner Paul who runs Shop Neutral at the Prahran Market, have always been ahead of their time as most innovators are.

Jake Treacy Spirit Tableau 2017 image via Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

Call of the Avant-Garde is being launched next Wednesday night and I’m also pleased to say that I’ll be seeing one of my Heide Visitor Services colleagues Jake Treacy at his exhibition Salon of Spirits being held later this year at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre.  Speaking of which, I was at the Homestead for a Board meeting earlier this week so stay tuned if you’re interested in any paid gallery positions there as these will be advertised over the coming months.

The Johnston Collection image via Wikipedia

Animal Kingdom is currently showing at The Johnston Collection museum of fine and decorative art in East Melbourne, which is the annual House of Ideas Exhibition-House tour with animal-inspired objects from the collection juxtaposed alongside fantastic creations from some of Melbourne’s leading contemporary artists.

Image via Banyule City Council

There is also a call for entries before 31st July for the 2017 Banyule Award for Works on Paper with this year’s theme being ‘ebb and flow’ for the $10,000 main prize.  Finally there will be an Architour Art Deco to Moderne walking tour being held on 8 July and I’m also excited about Open House Melbourne later next month as La Trobe University and some of its more obscure and unknown buildings is part of this year’s event.

Art Deco to Modern Walking Tour image via

I’m very relieved to get to the end of the term and looking forward to a few quiet days ahead of me to recover.  If you’re a school parent, I’m sure you’re happy it’s holiday time!


Up in Smoke

It’s the name of the restaurant and general store I went to on the weekend for a family lunch in the wicked west.  This American-style barbecue joint in Footscray touts itself as being all about beef + smoke + beer so it was an interesting place to take my kids to!  There’s an outdoor beer garden and it’s pretty cool looking although I have to say I still think the food is better locally at Bobo’s Diner in Ivanhoe, although I may be a bit biased…

Inside Up in Smoke – Footscray

A work friend who’s been to Up in Smoke has said that Le Bon Ton in Collingwood is pretty similar if you’re looking for another place with a great atmosphere that does smokehouse food reminiscent of the American south.  Speaking of things French, there is a new Haute Couture Houses lecture with NGV Curator, Fashion and Textiles Paola Di Trocchio available on Wednesday 3 May at The Johnston Collection in East Melbourne.  Her previous six lectures have already sold out.

Image via Le Bon Ton – Collingwood

Speaking of which, I think my upcoming Bold Thinking Series lecture at the State Library Victoria later this week has almost sold out.  I will indeed be just as interested as the rest of you on what our panel of experts have to say about the future of work.  Have a great week!