Tiptoe-ing through…

Tulips?  I love them and the photo of me on this blog was taken at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival a couple of years ago amidst all the glory.  The Festival opens this Thursday and be warned – it’s incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike.  I’d go during the week on a cooler day as it gets pretty warm towards the end of Spring.Exhib Poster-01

If the weather stays nice this coming weekend – the St Andrews Festival is on this Sunday if you missed the recent Wattle Festival as well as YouthFest 2017 in Macleod.  If you’re after something more artistic, my friend and fellow Bundoora Homestead Board member Valentina Maxwell-Tansley is holding her Axiom of Devour exhibition opening – an exploration of our relationship with consumerism – this coming Friday night at the Brunswick Gallery as part of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Image via Brandy Kew Facebook page

I had a pretty quiet weekend but did catch up with a couple of people on Friday including a lunch time pit stop at Brandy Cafe in Kew.  If you drive down Edgevale Road from Cotham Street, it’s in a very picturesque spot with lots of very pretty houses as you head to the intersection where it’s located.  I had the Shaksouka lunch special which was fresh and yummy.  Speaking of cafes, I’ll be back with a local profile later this week.


Moving and shaking

The past 10 days seem to have gone by in a flash!  Events season is well and truly upon us as well as this Indian summer that we seem to be having.  La Trobe University turned 5o on Wednesday, which was also International Women’s Day, and I was lucky enough to spend my night at the Hyllus Maris Memorial Lecture which was largely an all-female event save for Isaiah Firebrace’s performance at the end.  Indigenous writer Dr Anita Heiss gave the keynote address on Education being the key to a better life, and was also very funny – she could have been a comedian as well referring to VIPs in the audience as ‘very Indigenous people’!  For me, the highlight was the Indigenous Academic procession into the Union Theatre heralded by a lone didgeridoo player, I had tears in my eyes both when the academics in full gowns entered and when they left – the significance of such an achievement as one of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in this country, was incredibly moving.

Dr Anita Heiss image via 5oyears.latrobe

I spent last Monday night with my fellow Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Board member and Chair Valentina Maxwell-Tansley presenting to Darebin Council at Preston Town Hall in the hope that they may increase funding at the Homestead.  Council has a difficult job in determining how monies get allocated across the community but Darebin itself is a very creative municipality which values the social, cultural and economic contribution a visual arts asset such as the Homestead makes so I was very grateful to have been given air time to state our case.  Stay tuned for the result.

Nathaniel Andrew & Isaiah Firebrace image via La Trobe University Twitter

Valentina has also been run off her own feet organising A Weekend in the Gardens event at the Botanic Gardens which kicks off from 4 pm today with John Farnham, Boy & Bear and Icehouse playing at three different concerts.  She’s been working with the same group of people who run the A Day on the Green winery concerts and there will be thousands attending each of the concerts for the first time at the Gardens this weekend.

A Weekend in the Gardens image via Ticketmaster

The Melbourne Moomba Festival 2017 starts today and it’s a beautiful weekend to be in the city if you’re staying in Melbourne this Labour Day weekend.  Closer to home, the Heide Makers Market is also on tomorrow and if I didn’t have other things to do, I’d be attending this one.  Have a great long weekend and I’ll be back soon as there are stacks of events being held locally over the next couple of weeks as well as the launch of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.