Nights to remember

It’s been a big week with some magical memories made and special live music performances including Mr Rosanna’s second coming at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill on Wednesday night. Close to 30 of Mr R’s family and friends came to watch him perform two sets as a solo artist at #adamfranklin_music, which is a pretty brave move given it’s been a while since he’s been on stage. My talented younger sister Cat with her Architecture of Audio hat on caught the first set on film, which you can watch here.

Image: Mr Rosanna @somevelvetmorning

Mr R also celebrated his birthday last week and we hosted a party to celebrate this time with the Marcel Borrack TD band performing in front of over 50 people at our place. They put on a fantastic show and had people grooving away in front of them – thanks so much Marce!

One of the takeaways I took from reading Julia Baird’s book Phosphorescence over the pandemic was about savouring the moment on a deeper level. Both Mr R and I have amassed an amazing and diverse collection of friends from all walks of life – from school to university to work and locally – and we’ve been grateful to share such special moments in time with the most important people we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with – our greatest works of art have been the friends we’ve curated organically and collected along the way on our life’s journey and their friendship is priceless.

The weather gods did smile upon us this weekend as much as the team from Luckman Catering working outside from their van nearly got eaten alive by the mosquitoes, which are in plague proportions at the moment with all the recent rain, before I brought out the aeroguard, mozzie zapper and coils. The food was excellent yet again and it’s the second time we’ve used them to cater.

Christmas is coming and we’ll be having some more modest do’s here at home with family and I hope to start winding down in the next few weeks. I’ve been in planning mode this week for work with my team and Director and will continue to analyse, report and plan in readiness for next year as well as tie up loose ends before I go on leave. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit starts on 22 January 2023 and I hope it will be a more peaceful year. I’ve had a pretty tumultuous (but also tremendous) year on a number of fronts so that is my wish for 2022 – what’s yours?


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I'm a marketer, writer, blogger and creative type interested in all things arts and culture in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ranging from inner city to outer suburbia and beyond.

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